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Greenergy is an independent fuel supplier with local bulk fuel terminals in Ontario and British Columbia. Greenergy also offers reliable, low-cost fuel supply to independent retailers.

Greenergy’s supply is not dependent on any one refiner, which allows us to source from the lowest-cost markets around the world. This helps us keep our customers in supply of reliable and competitively priced quality fuel.

For more than thirty years, Greenergy has been supplying customers with low carbon fuels, and we understand the role biofuels have in decarbonization. Our team of experts are experienced with Canada’s regulations surrounding biofuels and are eager to support our customers.

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Choosing biodiesel for your commercial business has clear environmental benefits and can lower your carbon emissions.

Calculate your carbon reduction savings when switching to biodiesel today.

Blend Pure Biodiesel
Diesel Reduction in
carbon emissions
B5 5% 95% 4.3%
B10 10% 90% 8.5%
B20 20% 80% 17.1%
B45 45% 55% 38.4%
B100 99.99% 0.01% 84.5%

Potential reduction in annual CO2e emissions based on your choice of percentage

Tonnes CO2e

Disclaimer: The information shown here is believed to be reliable, however, Greenergy makes no representations concerning the accuracy of the data and this content is provided for illustration purposes only. The information should be confirmed independently by the end user. Greenergy has no legal liability whatsoever, arising out of use of reliance on the information generated and in no event should Greenergy be held liable for consequential damages. Specifications and information are subject to change without notice. Independent results may vary.

Federal fuel charge & BC carbon tax increase effective April 1, 2023

Rates of fuel charge for Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Alberta

Type Former rate per litre New rate
per litre
Gasoline $0.1105 $0.1431
Diesel $0.1341 $0.1738

Rates of fuel charge for British Columbia

Type Former rate
per litre
New rate
per litre
Gasoline $0.1105 $0.1431
Diesel $0.1301 $0.1685

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